Thoughts for Elul - 26 Elul

I love the fall Holy Days! In fact, I love all the Holy Days of Adonai because they allow us the opportunity to tell our history to the next generation in a tangible way. The living out of the festivals also connects us to generations past and future and strengthens our faith...

Thoughts for Elul - 25 Elul

It is so easy to get caught up in anger over those elected to power in this world, those who are born into powerful dynasties, and those who take power for themselves. We must always remember that Adonai, Creator and King of the universe in in total control...

Thoughts for Elul - 24 Elul

How time flies! I find myself at an age that once I thought was very old and I wonder how much of an impact my life has made for the Kingdom of Adonai. When we are young, we seem to waste away precious moments and opportunities to draw near to God...to really fall

Thoughts for Elul - 23 Elul

Today thousands of missiles are aimed at Israel. The world is in turmoil with war looming over the earth. Yet the psalmist reminds us that Adonai rules forever and that He keeps a watchful eye on

Thoughts for Elul - 22 Elul

David uses such wonderful word pictures in this psalm. He compares eagerly searching for thirst quenching water in the desert to searching for Adonai when He can’t seem to be found. He even speaks of seeing the glory of God in the Temple in the same way one would see an oasis in the

Thoughts for Elul - 21 Elul

If we look at the entire psalm, we see the difference between being able to trust our fellow human beings and God. Others do not always have our best interest in mind...in fact they may even seek to destroy us, but Adonai can be trusted completely.

Thoughts for Elul - 20 Elul

Hyssop was used in cleansing ceremonies for those who had developed a skin disease and those who had come in contact with death. We are told that the skin disease, often translated as leprosy, was a result of sin. It was the visible manifestation of sin...

Thoughts for Elul - 19 Elul

When I read this Psalm I see a future time when Adonai will be crowned as King by all...even those who rule over nations now. It is an exciting scene. The King enters amidst clapping, shofar blasts, and shouts of joy. His love...

Thoughts for Elul - 18 Elul

Psalm 46. Here we have the psalmist describing a faith so strong that it will endure even if all we know of this world should pass away. Some commentators struggle to understand this river flowing from the city of God because there is no river flowing from Jerusalem.

Thoughts for Elul - 17 Elul

Psalm 45. This wedding psalm is also a future glimpse of the arrival of the Messiah. He is the beloved and majestic King and we are those being prepared to meet Him. The writer of Hebrews quotes from this psalm as he speaks of Yeshua (1:8), so you...