Thoughts for Elul - 26 Elul

Thoughts for Elul - 26 Elul

Elul 12 - Kehilat Ari Yehudah

1 A maskil of Asaf: Listen, my people, to my teaching; turn your ears to the words from my mouth. 2 I will speak to you in parables and explain mysteries from days of old. 3 The things which we have heard and known, and which our fathers told us 4 we will not hide from their descendants; we will tell the generation to come the praises of ADONAI and his strength, the wonders that he has performed. 5 He raised up a testimony in Ya'akov and established a Torah in Isra'el. He commanded our ancestors to make this known to their children, 6 so that the next generation would know it, the children not yet born, who would themselves arise and tell their own children, 7 who could then put their confidence in God, not forgetting God's deeds, but obeying his mitzvot.


love the fall Holy Days! In fact, I love all the Holy Days of Adonai because they allow us the opportunity to tell our history to the next generation in a tangible way. The living out of the festivals also connects us to generations past and future and strengthens our faith because we are called to remember what Adonai has done for us. As we prepare for the High Holy Days, let us take to heart that we are not just doing this for ourselves, but for future generations!

King of the universe, cause me to remember faithfully all the wonders You have done for us. Show me how to reach the next generation in such a way as to stir their hearts to desire You and to become doers of Your mitzvot.